John Bate Art began as a natural progression from an active professional role in the Interior Design Business. Over the years as a practicing Design Partner I found myself faced more and more frequently with supplying my own art work within schemes proposed to clients.

The formation of this site is focussed specifically on supplying art work for the Personal Purchaser, Gallery, Corporate and Interior Design Clients. The concepts offered are totally original and bespoke works.

After a four year Design Degree, I obtained Membership to the British Institute of Interior Design and a Fellowship of the Chartered Society of Designers.

Art has always played a special part in my life. To me Art is a statement of vision; I am passionate about colour, light, shadow and texture, all to evoke that statement into vibrant intrigue of drama or peace and tranquility, captivating a moment in time. This passion is now expressed by grasping the opportunity through this website to exhibit to the world.

The real buzz in creating is when a client tells me how much they love the work I have just produced for them, that buzz `to me’ is worth `a million bucks’.

I take influence from all forms of design and structure. I am particularly akin to texture, natural patterns and intricacies such as the strata of stones and rocks. I use various materials in some of my work including paint, plaster, metal and rock. I love the different textures and layers they can create to give a `3D effect’ of high light and shadow within the art composition. I also use metallic foils and geometric construction graphics for semi and full abstracts.  For more traditional work I use softer paint to stimulate atmospheric mist and the light and dark colours of nature during all times of the day and seasons.

My desire is that the art I produce should be appealing and different showing a uniqueness of style to interest the Private Buyer, Gallery and Commercial Client.